How do we as consumers know what we are taking?

About a year ago CBD was not a household term. Flash forward to today and everyone seems to be an expert on the product and legality of it all which is both good and bad! CBD has really come a long way in such a short amount of time and is no longer considered a “seedy” product.  (Pun intended). According to the Rolling Stones article https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/new-study-cbd-market-22-billion-2022-722852/ by 2022 it will be a $22 billion dollar industry.  This means that CBD product is everywhere.

As of writing this article it is not consistent across each state on how CBD will be monitored and what federal / state organization is going to be doing the monitoring.  I can’t speak for every CBD manufacturer out there, but we at Go Pure CBD want to do it right from the beginning.  We guarantee that our products will have:

  • THC free
  • Every batch tested by a 3rd party lab
  • Results that will be easy to find – We put a QR code on every package that links directly to our website to show the Certificate of Analysis that lists what is in each product
  • Variation of CBD availability – Isolate and Full Spectrum
  • FDA approved manufacturing facilities

Compliance sounds like such a business term, something that owners of organizations or manufacturers worry about.  Why should it matter to us?  As CBD becomes more of a mainstream product, you should know what you are putting in your body. 

Most people that are looking at CBD are looking for healthy alternatives to some type of an ailment, so take a few extra minutes and pay attention to the label that is on the CBD you are taking.  We are big proponents of CBD and the natural healing powers that it can offer, make sure that the CBD you chose has that same philosophy to healthy healing.

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